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I had no idea it was even remotely possible to get in as much trouble as I have in the past three days.

And I blame it all on you, Alistair.

I left Tokyo a few days ago, after having spent a little over a week at Tokyo X. I was kind of sad to go, because once you get past all of the crazy stuff that’s always going on in Japan, it’s really kind of nice there. I got to see more of it than I did on my past two visits, which is why I can make that claim.

I decided though, for whatever reason, to explore more of Japan, so I headed south toward Osaka. It was a little tough, because I speak no Japanese, and after that one encounter with Kai’s grandmother, I don’t even dare say thank you until I have no accent and can prove I’ve got a little Japanese in me. However, I did get a English map from Pluto, (who I still have no clue what to call, so I’ll just keep on referring to her as Pluto until I do figure it out) and at some point… I think it was while I was trying to get on the train and couldn’t figure out which Yen was which, I picked up a guide; a very nice Japanese boy who goes by Taka. It’s short for Takahiro, but he prefers Taka, which is good, because Takahiro is a mouth full when you’re used to names that are only a syllable or two long.

But so, after an agonizing hour and a half of sitting mostly still, I made it to Osaka. Honestly I could have made it there faster on my own two feet, but since I’m not technically a Japanese citizen, it really wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Of course, it was a good thing, because then I wouldn’t have met Taka, and had someone who could translate for me. He was visiting family in Osaka, and offered to see if they would let me stay with them as well, but I declined. I get the feeling that he might have had some sort of vague interest in me, but who knows. Also, I didn’t want to make his family suffer my overly ridiculous eating habits.

Something felt… off, as I was looking for the hotel I’d looked up earlier in the day. At the time, I had no idea, but I was being stalked. Looking back on it, I’m not sure if it was a blessing or not, but what’s done is done, and yes Alistair, since I know you’re looking over my shoulder watching me type this now, you did in fact save my life.

Anyway, I checked in and everything, but things still felt off. It wasn’t really the people, but the overall atmosphere of the area. Last I heard, Osaka wasn’t supposed to be creepy or anything like that, but maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention or something.  Who knows. Got to my room, and the creepy factor went up like, tenfold. I was starting to wonder if I’d attracted the attention of some creeper who’s X Gene gave them the power of invisibility, and wanted to off me.

I wasn’t very far off.

Turns out, it was just a creeper who had some sort of device that made him invisible. Yeah. My luck. But, to make it even better, I was said creepers victim of the week.

Or would have been, if Alistair hadn’t been wandering down the hall at that moment. From what I gathered, the idiot wasn’t quite smart enough to leave the device on, and Alistair recognized him as the guy they’d been looking for as he was wandering up the hallway. I may have crap for luck, but something interesting always comes out of it.

Needless to say, the creep isn’t part of the living anymore, and from what Alistair has told me about what he does to his victims… I’m pretty sure even Lee wouldn’t have a problem with him being dead. Besides, he and his group do things a little differently. With them, it’s do what you have to do to get the job done.

Oh, I probably forgot to mention this, but Alistair and his gang are all mutants. Incredibly skilled one’s at that. They call themselves the Grey Wardens, which is kind of cool, but not as cool (or hard) as being a Hellion. But I bet they could be some help…

Getting back on topic though. Alistair saved me from the crazy creeper, and then proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t stay here because the Japanese police were going to be all over this place as soon as they found the body, and having blood all over the carpet of my room wasn’t going to look good for me.

Keeping all of my smart ass remarks to myself, I followed him over several door to where he and his companions were staying. I figured if he wanted to kill me, he’d have already done it. Of course, I still had no idea what I was getting myself into, but at this point, it was unavoidable.

There were quick introductions, in which I got to meet everyone else. Lelianna, Wynne, and Sten. Of course, once they found out what was going on, it was a flurry of activity in which everyone packed up their stuff, which wasn’t much, surprisingly, and then we were on the move.

To paraphrase what’s happened from there, apparently the creeper was part of a group called the Night Horde, and Alistair killing one of their members apparently stirred up an ant hill full of angry red ants. So we’ve been on the run for three days, trying to outrun these guys. None of us have really slept, and Alex thinks I’m more amusing when I haven’t slept. I don’t see it though.

Sorry, beloved log of my thoughts, but I think I’m going to ditch you for sleep, even if I am worried about the bed eating me alive. It’s something you gotta worry about in the cheapest motel you can find in Kyoto. I’m still trying to figure out how we got here in three days… It’s not that far from Osaka… but yeah… Sleep now, think later.