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Tag Archives: Day 1

I know I’ve only been at the White Tower for less than a day, but I’d rather get this done and over with now. Some of this is going to be hard, and there’s more than one person I have to talk to that I wish I didn’t, but they can be used against me, for good or bad. And that CAN’T happen again. It was my mistake last time, and I’m not going to repeat it.

But besides that, I should probably at least get my room in order before I leave. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will haul the empty trunks out while I’m gone. That would be nice…

Note to self: Buy lots of crap that I don’t need to make the Penthouse look lived in. It doesn’t have any personality. And tell Alex he’s free to decorate his room how he wants to. And hide all the nifty parts C.J. gave me. They’re for the bike, nothing else.

I should stop writing and get moving. My bike needs gas, and I want to get going before traffic gets bad.

Ps. I should probably write down who I need to talk to and where I plan on going so I don’t forget.

  • Japan, to talk to Pluto.
  • Salt Lake City, to talk to mom, if she’s even alive.
  • Centennial, to see if I can hunt down Will.
  • Master Roshi’s island to pick up David. Talk to Helena to see if he can stay on Besaid for a while. He’d be safest there.
  • Grand Canyon, because I’ve always wanted to see that. Probably not part of what I’m supposed to do, but it’s not like I have to spend money to get there.

Now I’m really done this time. No seriously, I am.