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Tag Archives: Day 27

Today, when I woke up, I realized I felt better than I had in a month. Upon going to wash my face after breakfast, I saw that I looked better too. This is encouraging. I no longer look like… Actually, I’m hesitant to use this word, as it means a lot of different things, but… I no longer look like a hot mess. I have some color back in my complexion, and all the weird urges for potions have died down. I’m glad though. It’ll make it easier to talk to Pluto. I have a lot I want to say and talk about… I’m just not sure how to say it all. I think that’s why I’ve been procrastinating on it.

But, I decided that since I was feeling better, I’d have the other talk I’ve been meaning to have with David. It just… Felt like the right time.

That doesn’t mean that David wasn’t upset.

I managed to catch him while Rosie was sleeping. Knowing that this had the potential to get loud, I suggested going outside for a while. As soon as the words left my mouth, he got the expression he gets when he’s got a hunch that Alex and I had done something we shouldn’t have. This wasn’t a good start.

He had pestered me off and on for an explanation about all that had happened in Venturas, and why I’d gotten him, but not myself, out of there when I did. I’d been skirting the issue, partly because it felt like the potion addiction was getting worse instead of better, and partly because I just wasn’t ready to face it like I knew I had to. But now, no more beating around the bush.

I told him everything. From the moment I’d left the apartment, to the road trip back to Boston, and ending with the meeting with Emma. I didn’t leave much out, only leaving out the part about seeing Bryan naked, confessing to Bryan that I had a crush on him, and the fact that I wanted nothing more than to destroy C.J.’s computerized brain with my fist, but didn’t because Bryan, and likely everyone else, would be mad at me. Jealousy doesn’t become me.

He remained silent until I finished. He was quiet for a few minutes after I finished. “Why are you doing this, Ro?” He finally asked. “What do you really have to gain by fighting a fight that was never yours to start with?”

Honestly, I should have expected that out of him. But part of me hoped he would have understood. Now I had to explain what I can barely understand myself.

“It is my fight, David. Whether or not I wanted it, it is mine. It has been, from the moment Alex was shot onward. But… I’m fighting because I have things I need to protect. I have nothing to gain…. And everything to loose. I chose to fight… Because I’m one of the few that can. There’s lots of other mutants, in lots of places, but most of them have powers that only do small things… Or think that their powers only do small things. I thought that about my power. And to be honest, up until February, I was scared of my power. I didn’t know what I was capable of. But I do now. And knowing what humanity is capable of doing… I can’t step down. I can’t…”

David was quiet again, then nodded. “I want to help you.”

I swallowed. This was the part I knew I wasn’t going to like. “I know you do. We all do, even Emma. But…”

“But what?”

“I… I don’t know what you can do… After Tommy tried to use you as leverage against me… I’m… Terrified it’s going to happen again.” At this point, I could feel the waterworks coming, and fought desperately to stop them. I make it a point not to cry, especially not in front of my brothers. But Cassie was right. I can’t keep doing this on my own. On my own, I’m not enough.

“You know… I did learn a few things during my stay with Roshi.”

My brain blue-screened at that. “Like… Martial Arts?” I finally managed to get out after a few moments.

He nodded, and I couldn’t help it. The gears started turning in my head, and vaguely, I heard Alex cackle in the back of my head. “How good are you at it? How much have you picked up?”

David shrugged. “He didn’t call me hopeless, so I assume I’m alright at it… And I only picked up a few things. I wasn’t exactly in the greatest shape, Ro.”

“I know… But this… This could… I could get you in with this. You’ll need more training, that’s for sure… But… Would you be willing to keep learning?”

He nodded again, and I all but glomped him. “I know this is asking a lot, but you have to learn as much as possible… Be as good as possible. Emma’s only taking the best. I’m in because I’m… Well, I’m a Hellion, though I‘m not sure what she really sees in me to let me stay around. I’m… Still not even sure what I’m good for, really.

“Alex is in because he’s intelligent. But you knew that… I don’t know what we’ll do about Rosie, but chances are, if you can get in, you can keep her safe, and she can be taught self defense once she’s old enough…” I trailed off, lost in my own thoughts and Alex’s evil cackling.

“You’ll figure it out Ro. You always do, even if don’t always realize it. Just promise me something.”


“Promise me you’ll always come back.”

“I will. I promise.”

I just wish that was a promise I knew I could keep.