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Tag Archives: Day 30

For some reason, talking to Pluto seems to be the scariest thing ever right now. I have absolutely no idea why, but it is. Maybe it’s because she’s the grandmother I never knew I had? Or maybe it’s because I’m afraid I’m not good enough for her.

It’s ridiculous, I know, but there’s a part of me that thinks that. I mess up more often than not, but it’s not like I do it on purpose. It just… Happens. And when it does, I let people down.

But at the same time, I want to talk to her. I have this… Need to know more about where I come from. I want to have some sort of relationship with her, even if it’s just an acknowledgment that yes, I am genetically related to her. I could be content with that.

And I want to tell her thank you. For saving David. I have a feeling that if she and Alex hadn’t shown up when they did, he would be dead now. I owe her a lot for that… And saying thank you is really the least I could do.

But I have no idea to say it. I guess I’d better figure it out fast, because I’m on a plane to Japan right now. With a promise to go back to Besaid before I go back to the White Tower. I talked with Master Roshi, and with the promise to take lessons from him, and many apologies for not listening to him, I got him to agree to train David. I did learn a little yesterday, and I’m planning to implement it the next time I get in a fight. Hopefully I’m not on my own though, because Master Roshi is right… I really suck at Martial Arts.