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Tag Archives: Day 62

I’ve pretty much figured out who these Night Horde guys are. Basically, they believe in the really, really, really, REALLY old ways. I’m talking Ancient Greek here. It’s called Orphism. Normally, they worshiped Greek figures like Persephone, Orpheus, who the religion is named after, and Bacchus. They were peculiar in the way that they thought all human souls were divine and immortal, but doomed to “live” in a “grievous circle” of successive bodily lives through metempsychosis or the transmigration of souls.

Unfortunately for us, these guys are more interested in some of the other peculiarities of this religion. Specifically, the belief of postmortem punishment for certain transgressions committed during life. They belief that they’re angels, sent by the minor god of death, Thanatos, to kill people so that they can be punished for whatever bad stuff they did in life. They also believe that Thanatos speaks to them through some sort of… Beast, I think it was.

Have I mentioned my crappy luck lately?

We haven’t figured out where they’re located, but that’s my next goal. I’m starting to doubt that it’s predominate to Japan, but I’ve been surprised before. I just hope we find them soon, as this is starting to get on my nerves.

However, I do believe that I managed to convince Sten that I know what I’m doing, with out giving anything away. He seems to be the only one that was convinced I was just a silly little girl playing super hero or whatever. Alistair told me he’s just hard to impress. Why does that sound familiar…

Anyway, not much else going on. Lots of running, hiding, and laying low. I’ve been trying to not eat so much, but with how much I’m using my power… It’s really hard. I’ve already pushed my power to it’s limits… It’s funny, in a sense. When you’re used to moving faster than everyone else, you forget what it’s like to move normally, because fast becomes normal for you.

There is one interesting thing I should probably note though. I’ve had to start wearing Leliana’s clothes, because mine don’t fit anymore. The hems are pretty short, and my jeans won’t even zip up anymore. And… I think I’m getting boobs. My bra, which was a little big to start with, is getting pretty snug. This is a problem, because it means my X suit doesn’t fit either. And I don’t know what the word careful means… I suppose I need to learn it, and not do things that could get me hurt.

This is going to be hard.