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Tag Archives: Day 80

After what just happened, I’m surprised we’re all still alive. Nothing was what I had expected, even after the Hellion’s dealings with both NERV and Cerberus.

Their fortress, located in the heart of the Northwest Territory, was incredibly well armed. Apparently they were expecting us. Not surprising, considering we had to rent some ATV’s to get there. Oh, and did you know it’s seriously cold here… In September, which I guess makes sense.

Anyway, we got there, and had to fight our way in. I left all of the punching and slashing to Sten, Leliana and Alistair. I drill bitted a few people, but did my best to stay out of combat, since now do I not only not have any armor, but I don’t fit in Leliana’s clothes. I’m too tall. So I’ve resorted to wearing Alistair’s. They don’t fit very well, but they’ll have to do. But, I stayed out of the way of Sten and Alistair, and eventually, we made it to the center of the compound.

Now, this is what really caught me off guard. I thought that their leader was something simple, like a mutant who’s X Gene had changed their appearance in some way. I was dead wrong. It was an 80ft mechanical dragon, who they called the Archdemon. The Archdemon was controlled by an incredibly charismatic and angry AI. I don’t claim to understand it at all, but that’s what it was. And, as the statistics state, the AI wanted people dead. It was, however, picky. It only wanted mutants dead, and utilizing some sort of device, could find out if you were one or not by just pointing it at someone.

Well, since we’d been slaying his followers, he wasn’t too happy that we were there… So there was no real chance at negotiating. Didn’t bother me any, as I don’t like AI’s… With the exception of the Red Queen. Since he was cheating and using the Archdemon to attack us, I bunkered down somewhere safe-ish, and tried to hack it. That didn’t go over too well, and I’m just now getting Monster to function normal-ish… Which tells me that I need to work on his software.

Since that didn’t work, I poked my head out to analyze the situation. Alistair and Sten were getting batted around like fly’s, and Wynne was doing her best to keep them on their feet, but at this point, those three weren’t lasting long. Leliana had bunkered down behind a large chunk of the building that had gotten knocked down, and was firing as rapidly as she could at the thing, but they weren’t really doing much.

Just as I was getting ready to make my move, which was go to the main computer and disable it from there, Alistair got knocked into a wall, and stopped moving. I do believe I saw red, and in the blink of an eye, I was across the room. The Archdemon was getting in position to make it’s final blow on him. I couldn’t let that happen, so I grabbed Alistair’s sword to make a last ditch attempt at protecting him, despite the fact I have no clue how to use a sword properly.

The blade made contact with it’s foot, and that’s when I learned it was made a lot like C.J. is. It bleeds, even though it’s not real. And, if all the tales about Dragons are true, the weakest part of their body would be the belly. But that wouldn’t kill it, because it’s mechanical.

So I went for the inside of the mouth instead. It was quite interesting how I managed this, as I wasn’t aware that I could do this at the time, but I certainly didn’t waste it when it happened. I waited until it’s head was low to the ground, covered as much ground as I could as fast as I could, then hit the speed zone like it was second nature to me. Everything froze, I went in, and shoved that sword into the top of it’s mouth as hard as could. At first, I didn’t think it was going to go in, but then I heard a pop, a sizzle, and the thing stopped moving. After all, the head is the most logical place to keep the motherboard and control chips, and no one would think to make the inside of the mouth as overly defended as the rest of the body. Only I’m stupid enough to try something like that.

Of course, after it stopped moving, it started to collapse. I couldn’t get the sword out, so I leapt out of it’s mouth and got as far away from it as I could before it could squash me. Alistair was just coming to, and vaguely I remember hearing him say something along the lines of, “We won…? When did that happen…?” While watching Sten pry the sword out of the now dead Archdemon’s mouth. I feel bad for ruining a beautiful piece of machinery like that… But it was either that or die. And I’m still not ready to die yet.

After Wynne fixed Alistair up as best she could, I grabbed Monster from his hiding place, and we made our way out, which wasn’t much easier than getting in. The whole place was in a panic, and whenever we were spotted, we were attacked. I’m just glad none of us died getting out. I’m still surprised we all made it out alive though, because as soon as we were out, and not very far away, the entire place exploded.

Hopefully, this is the end of this, and I can start heading home. Along with these four, if they’re interested. I plan on talking to them in a little while, after we’ve all had something to eat, and Wynne finishes patching Alistair up. He’s battered, and Wynne says it’ll take a few days for her to finish healing him. He has a few broken ribs, and a broken arm, but other than that, she’s taken care of the worst of his injuries. I’m just tired… But I want to ask them before we head out again, so I know if I’m going home alone or not.